Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Новое Плато- Flexibility and wasteland

From November 22, 2011

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Marianne said...

As a continuation of the discussion we had during your presentation, I got some thoughts on temporality and place and space.
First. It made me think of where I come from, Bærums Verk. Every Christmas, one of the old traditional houses along the main road, before arriving to the town centre, has a Christmas Calendar on one of its walls. From the 1st till the 24th of December, the date is written with Christmas lights.

It happens every year, on this same wall. Everyone living in Bærums Verk, knows this, and expects it to happen. My point is, I think it means something to people. In terms of belonging to a place, or knowing something about a place that other people would not notice. It means something to the people that drive past everyday, or to the kids from Bærums Verk, or for students like myself that come home for Christmas holidays and realize that some things never change.

I was thinking of this, as an aspect of temporality in a place, that plays with an existing structure. An event that comes and goes, every year, that happens only here. Though never talked about, something everybody (from that place) knows about. Changes in a place, depending on seasons, events, people. A contrast to those very fixed building structures that look the same all over Murmansk. Maybe this could give something back to people living there, feeling that my block is differnciated from the other blocks, because some events happen only here.